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cache logger

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In order to facilitate debugging when using the interface cache, when the request hits the cache without sending a network request, the hit cache information will be printed on the console by default, which can solve some confusion when using the cache.

If you don't want to print cache information or custom control print cache information in some cases (such as production environment), alova also provides support for them.

Close cache logger printing

Console printing can be turned off by setting cacheLogger to false or null when creating an alova instance.

const alovaInstance = createAlova({
cacheLogger: false

You can also dynamically turn it on and off according to different environments.

const alovaInstance = createAlova({
// Enable cache logger in the development environment
cacheLogger: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'

Custom print cache logger

The cache logger is printed via console.log by default. If console.log or other purposes are not supported in your project environment, cacheLogger can be specified as a function to customize the logger for processing cache hits.

const alovaInstance = createAlova({
* Custom cache logger function
* @param response hit cache data
* @param method the current method instance
* @param cacheMode cache mode memory or restore
* @param tag The tag in the restore mode has a value only when the tag is set in the corresponding cache
cacheLogger(response, method, cacheMode, tag) {