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Error logger

version required


For the convenience of debugging, when using use hooks to request or respond to an error, the error logger will be printed on the console by default. If you do not want to print an error message or customize the control to print an error message in some cases (such as a production environment), alova also Support for them is provided.

Disable error logger

Log printing can be turned off by setting errorLogger to false or null when creating an alova instance.

const alovaInstance = createAlova({
errorLogger: false

Custom print error logger

The error logger is printed by console.error by default. If console.error is not supported in your project environment, or if you want to collect error information, you can specify errorLogger as a function to customize error logger.

const alovaInstance = createAlova({
// error is the error instance, methodInstance is the method instance corresponding to the error
errorLogger(error, methodInstance) {
reportError(`${methodInstance.url}: ${error.message}`);